Help Collect Celebrity Doodles

You can help! Dig deep for celebrity connections you or your friends or family may have. Any well-known person can be approached. We happily include actors, sports figures, musicians, authors, artists, poets, song-writers, TV personalities, chefs, designers, fashion models, politicians, journalists, composers, illustrators, cartoonists, etc. – anyone who has achieved significant public recognition. We also accept Doodles from less-well-known professional artists who can provide a brief bio and a website showcasing their work.

Got someone in mind?  Email to request one or more Doodle Packets. These contain an introductory letter explaining the project, two Doodle Cards and a stamped return envelope. Just tell us where to mail it – to you, to another contact person or directly to the celebrity. Ideally, whoever knows the celebrity should either hand-deliver the packet or mail it with a personal note. We prefer to mail only to US postal addresses. Rare exceptions are made for especially high-profile celebrities. Thanks!