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Exquisite Art

Acclaimed artist, Jenn Shifflet, has donated a stunning oil on wood painting in memory of Aaron Anderson, brother of actress Gillian Anderson.  Aaron passed away in 2011 from an NF-related brain tumor at age 30.


The piece, titled NF Angel, is valued at $1200.   The starting price for bids will be $250 when the eBay auction begins on May 8th.

Are you ready?

Today’s the day!  Countdown clock is ticking. Kick-off time is 5pm ET. Are you ready to bid? 185 Doodles are available for your inspection at 2013 Doodles.

More than 50 contributors donated two Doodles. For these kind souls, one Doodle becomes available today, the second 24 hours later. This allows maximum opportunity to win a Doodle from your fave celeb/artist.

Just a sample of celebs – Gillian Anderson, Candice Bergen, Steve Carell, David Copperfield, Ellen DeGeneres, David Duchovny, Neil Gaiman, Honey BooBoo & Chubbs, Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Kluwe, Melissa McCarthy, Haley Joel Osment, Pauley Perrette, Bob Saget, Rufus Sewell, and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver).

In addition to the celebrities, there are some extraordinary donations from cartoonists, illustrators, caricaturists and fine artists. Art-lovers can choose from an embarrassment of riches.

Happy Browsing! Happy Bidding!

7 Days, 150 Doodles

The countdown has begun. Only one more week til the start of everyone’s FAVORITE fundraiser, the annual eBay auction of celebrity Doodles.  If you haven’t taken the time yet to scroll through the Doodles on offer this year, why not do it now? Try the Slideshow option for easy viewing. Or search by keyword, checking out artists, actors, musicians, cartoonists, authors, comedians, etc., category by category. Click here to get started.

Like what you see?  LIKE us on Facebook, SHARE your favorites, and tell all your friends to join the bidding when it begins on the afternoon of  Thursday, May 9th.